I always love how people assure me, with a very serious and sincere look on their faces, that, ” if only we didn’t spend so much on Defense, why, we wouldn’t have any problems at all with the budget.”  With that one comment, that person has told me much more than they think. They have also informed me as to the value of their input.

Here is the issue:

Sometimes, I’ll try to explain that welfare spending, including Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid make up over 55% of the budget, and Defense spending a mere 18%. I’ll try to add that future unfunded mandates will make 55% seem like a pleasant fever dream, but it is generally a wasted effort. Still, the effort can be its own reward. Besides, I have had enough of being silent.

Pic was lifted from this article: Not a penny more

Tip of the hat to Cold Fury.