Right off the top, I really like this book. So far, Larry Correia has published 6 books through Baen publishing, and I have enjoyed them all. This one may be my favorite.

The Grimnoire universe looks a lot like our own, or at least, what Correia imagines the 1930s would look like if somewhere in the early to mid 19th century, people developed magical talents. In this world, a small fraction of the population has access to fantastic abilities. Each of these “Actives” is able to manipulate forces in a specific manner, Brutes are able to gain great strength and resilience, Sparks can manipulate electricity, Torches control fire, and Cogs make great leaps forward in technology. Into this world comes Jake Sullivan, war hero, private detective, and felon. His ability to control gravity has made him a useful tool in the hands of the government. Now he finds himself between global forces, one side believing that the Actives, as superior beings, should rule, one side believing that Actives must use there gifts to help all humanity.

Is it simplistic? Maybe, but Correia revels in writing what he himself calls “pulp”. And simplistic or not (I lean toward not), it’s a great story. Besides, I cannot think of a single book anywhere that features a teleporting ninja battle on top of a flaming dirigible. That alone is almost worth the price of admission.

You can get the book at your local bookstore, or here, at Amazon. If you want to buy the ebook , go to Baen.com. As a bonus, the ebook is only $6.00, it arrives instantly, and has none of that pesky DRM of which Amazon ebooks seem to be so fond.