As some of you know, there has been a bit of an insurgency in the world of Science Fiction.  sumup

Basically, it comes down to this…

A few years ago, Best selling author Larry Correia noticed that the Hugo Awards, proclaimed as the premiere award in Science Fiction, were not actually going to the popular and best selling books of science fiction, but rather, were going to what he considered less fun, more literary message fiction. Even worse, it seemed that the whole process was being run by a fairly small group of people with an agenda. It seemed they wanted to make sure that the awards went to the “right” people, writing the “right” stories… When he pointed this out, he was roundly ridiculed, and told he was just jealous that he wasn’t being nominated. He replied that it seemed to him that the whole process was more about the politics or group membership of the author than the quality of the story, and that people like him, proudly and outspokenly conservative, were sabotaged from the start. They laughed at him, and he just said, “Watch…”

And thus, Sad Puppies was born.

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